Evan Picture GeoffsHi! My name is Evan Senie and I graduated from American University in December, 2013 with a degree in psychology. I have loved reading ever since my dad introduced me to Hank the Cowdog. I was too afraid to write anything of my own until my freshman year in college when I began writing poetry and short fiction. I didn’t write anything longer than eight pages until I decided to become a Costa Rican farmer, at which point I wrote my first novel “To the Last of a Good Thing”. My goal in writing is to describe what it is like to be a human in a world full of other humans. These days I like to sit in bars and coffee shops and open the top of my head so that all the thoughts spill out. I like writing because it turns those thoughts into words that flow and sometimes mean something to other people and I enjoy growing a beard because it’s almost like becoming a different person.