Paying Markets For Flash

Where to Send Your Flash Fiction and Nonfiction (and get paid)

Submitting creative writing work can be frustrating and intimidating. There are so many magazines. You have to navigate which ones charge fees, when they’re open, whether they pay, whether they actually take unsolicited work or just say that they do, etc. If you’re just starting out it can be hard to understand the landscape. This is especially true with flash creative writing.

What is flash? When I started my MFA program I had never heard that term before. It generally refers to prose writing that is very short, let’s say below 1,500 words, though that’s actually kind of a contentious subject. I started writing some flash pieces over the last few years, and I found it was hard to know where to send them, let alone where I might get paid. I decided to do some research, and I’ve found that while the majority of magazines that accept flash don’t pay, some do. If you’re like me, with some flash fiction or nonfiction (or hybrid!) work that you’d like to send to paying markets, take a look at the chart below. It’s not exhaustive by any means, but it’s a start. It’s organized in descending order based on the amount of money they pay.

MagazineGenre(s) Fiction (F) Nonfiction (CNF) Sci Fi/Genre (SF/G)Word Limits (for flash)FeePayments
Kenyon ReviewF/CNF1,000Free??
New Orleans ReviewF/CNFNo Limit$3$175
Extra TeethF/CNF800-4,000$0£100
Chestnut ReviewF/CNF1,000$0$100
Craft LiteraryF/CNF1,000$0$100
Electric LiteratureF1,500$0?$100
El Chapo ReviewF/CNF1,000$0$100
Flash Fiction OnlineF/SF/G500-1,000$0$80 min
The ForgeF/CNF?$0$75
Malahat ReviewF/CNF750 F 1,000ish CNF$0$50ish/pg
Gulf Coast OnlineF/CNF3,000$3$50/pg
Tahoma Literary ReviewF/CNF1,500$4$55
Smokelong QuarterlyF/CNF1,000$0$50
Vestal ReviewF/SF500$3$50
Split Lip OnlineF/CNF2,000 CNF 1,000 F$50
Lor Journal
Experimental Work
Dirty Spoon
Food-related Content Only
Copper NickelF/CNFNo Limit$2$30/pg
Five PointsF/CNF500$3$25/pg
Willow SpringsF/CNF750$3$40
Baltimore ReviewF/CNFNo Limit$0$40
Sundog LitF/CNF750 F 1,000 CNF$3$25
Split Lip PrintF/CNF2,000 CNF 1,000 F$5/pg $20 min
Matchbook LitF/CNF1,000$0?$20
Spartan LitF1,500$0$20
The Short Story PublishingF/CNF800/CNF Flash fiction?$0£15
The WakingF/CNF1,500$0$10
The West ReviewF1,500$0$10
Third Point PressF1,000$0$10
Racontuer MagF/CNF2,000$0$10

Here’s a very short additional list of six magazines that are looking for women writers, non-binary writers, and/or material with a queer bent. I’m sorry the list is so short, and I’ll keep adding to it, but these six all pay.

Understorey Magazine
For writers who
identify as women
or non-binary
Six Hens
For writers who
identify as women
Baffling Mag
Writing with a
queer bent
Beestung Mag
For writers who
identify as
non-binary or
Minola Review
For writers who
identify as women
or non-binary
Yellow Arrow
For writers who
identify as women

If you’re on the fence about sending stuff out, I’d say go for it! The worst that can happen is that you get a bunch of form rejections, and then you can go back and work some more. If you’re worried that your writing isn’t quite where you want it to be yet, check out my Editing Services page! I’m happy to take a look at your work and provide constructive feedback!

Good luck!