First Podcast!

I’ve just started co-hosting the Colorado Review Podcast! We look at stories, essays, and poems in the current issue, and sometimes interview authors. Here’s the first episode that I’ve helped host! 


I’ve been living in Edinburgh for a couple weeks now and I’ve been writing a lot. I’ve reached 80,000 words in Hope is Oxygen, the new book I’m working on. One of my flatmates moved out the other day. She only took the bare essentials. Here’s a closer look. We were most of the way through…

Bye Bye Mallorca

Ok. So I didn’t take many pictures in Mallorca. One would be justified in wondering about the lack of beach photos considering that I spent the last twenty-three days in a really popular destination for beach-going tourists. The answer is that I’m a curmudgeon. The beach is full of sun and pretty people. It stresses…

Traveling to Spain!

I’m in Spain. As you can tell from my list, I was prepared. I had “bags”. I left DC a couple weeks ago and drove up to Cape Cod with my brother in my 2006 Honda Civic Coupe. If I haven’t told you about this car, whose name is Glampers, suffice to say that she…


Hey so I can’t figure out how to make the blog portion of the website show an image up top and I’m hoping creating more posts will solve the problem. This is me trying (and failing) to reach the summit of a mountain. The lack of gloves was a crucial oversight.