I’ve been living in Edinburgh for a couple weeks now and I’ve been writing a lot. I’ve reached 80,000 words in Hope is Oxygen, the new book I’m working on.


One of my flatmates moved out the other day. She only took the bare essentials.


Here’s a closer look. We were most of the way through carrying boxes down here before I learned the the fragile tape was just something she happened to have lying around and was not actually meant to denote fragility. I thought she just owned a ridiculous amount of glassware.

empty new room


This is what the flat looks like now.



I’ve started writing letters. I kind of like it. It feels very old school. I need one of those quill pens and a pigeon.


I climbed a hill. Not that hill though. I’m standing on my hill. I didn’t think to take a picture until I was already up there.


This is what I could see from my hill. I think that’s Russia over there.


There I am. A nice lady took a picture of me. I haven’t explored much of Edinburgh but I’m hoping to see a bit more in the next couple weeks. Supposedly there’s a castle around somewhere that I can go inside of. I’ll make another one of these when I finish a draft of the book. It should be soon.

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